Most amazing is that our heater is totally SILENT!

Robyn C.

Thank goodness for a comfortable home at last!

When we bought our new home, a flip, we were assured that the vast differential in temperature between one end of the home and the other had been "fixed", and then when I called the installer to complain, I was told that the system needed to "settle in". This was untrue. Other contractors had given us quotes for "installing baffles" but only Building Doctors considered the whole system including the spotty insulation in the older part of the house, and proposed a comprehensive fix. This is a high tech machine, and has to be installed by experts to work to fullest efficiency. It's a little more expensive to start, but will result in savings down the road, extending the life of the HVAC, and lowering our heating and cooling costs.

Dan and Mark with their team, showed us how poorly the system was originally installed. They have instruments that measure airflow, and a computer program to design the proper placement of every register. The team moved each one, removed some that were extraneous, contributing the imbalance problem, and then Victor used "the machine" to measure and customize the air flow in each room, until we all felt satisfied that the temperature differences were slight.

They installed a second air return to bring the area up to spec (it had been about half that was needed) and sealed every joint. They also sealed around our recessed lights, which will stop heat transfer. 

Most amazing is that our heater is totally SILENT, and the cold air conditioner is almost so. The fan used to make a huge racket as it struggled to draw in sufficient air to work properly.

They blew in insulation to the two attic spaces, and constructed new insulated covers for the attic access holes. While they were up there, they also noticed some torn screening in the attic vents, which they quickly replaced.

Even though they only just finished, we can already tell that the temperature is within a degree or two throughout the house. In the past there was a noticeable change as one walked down the hall. We are feeling very happy, comfortable, and looking forward to finding out about our California "Green" rebate from all the new insulation. The added advantage is how quiet the house has become. 

The guys papered the floors of our house, and did a good job of installing plastic to protect furniture and control dust. They have some ingenious friction posts with padded ends that they use to hold up plastic "walls" that minimize the taping. They cleaned up at the end of every day, and even brought their own bathroom supplies for their use. Either Dan or Mark came by every day. Our only problem is matching the exact paint color of our ceiling white, which was actually my task! I'll have to try a different brand at a different home store. 

Dan and Mark have a real passion for their work, and a great deal of knowledge about energy efficiency. They like to take things beyond code. Our roof insulation is now R38. My husband and I have enjoyed working with them, and feel like our home is better than ever, and we have increased the value of our home as well.