Home retains temperature for hours when away!

Robert M. Silverlake, CA

I bought my silver lake home in 1996. It had an old furnace and wall ducts with some insulation. No central air. As the years passed and the climate changed my home became less and less comfortable. I had a wall unit for AC in the summer and my home was wasting energy. More important, we were miserable in the hot summer months.
In comes the building Doctors. The crew showed up for a house audit. Of course my place was a mess. I knew it and dan knew it. So I went for the whole nine yards. The boys came in like grant took Richmond. Dressed in doctors scrubs they took out truck loads of old dangerous insulation in a complete professional manner. They were friendly, fun and courteous of my pet. All the ducts were changed. A new heater that looked like a Star Wars ship was placed under my home hung in quiet suspension. A brand new digital thermostat was put in. All new insulation in the walls, floor and places where one wouldn't have thought. Cracks were sealed airtight. A beautiful AC unit was brought in. All the gear is quiet as a mouse. Next up, the inspection. A man came over completely independent of the building doctors and inspected the work. When he asked who did the work again he laughed and said, the building doctors? Well this will be easy, they are the only company that passes. Once he saw the work he was more interested in playing with my dog! He said your on good hands my friend. This inspection is over. Shortly after I received $3,700 from the government! The results? My house is amazing now. No more dirty air. No more dust. I never have to clean as much. I never sneeze or cough through the winter. The heater is amazing and the AC magic and quiet. The real charm is that if I shut all the doors and the inside temp is 70, I can leave for five hours with the heat off and the AC off and when I return my house is still 70 degrees! That is an air tight green star rated home. Thank you building doctors. Thank you Dan and the entire crew for making my home of 20 years brand new. Bring on the heat or the cold this building doctor home will will be comfortable for years and years. A plus!!!