Impressed From Start To Finish

David H. Pasadena, CA

I would highly recommend this company. My wife and I had consulted multiple other HVAC providers prior to consulting with the Building Doctors and were very impressed from start to finish with the level of professionalism, the vision for the project and the quality of the work done.  This provider supplied a detailed energy audit. While we didn't elect to do all the recommended work, we definitely were interested in most. In the end we elected to have our home fully insulated and installation of a new heating and AC system as well as ductwork.

From day 1, this provider was excellent. Our project was somewhat  complicated, as we did not have existing AC, did have asbestos ducts in our older home and the placement of our furnace made the addition of AC very tricky. We had multiple other providers come for a quote, with most being unsure of how to proceed (read:gave a quote assuming they could probably
do the job) or simply walked away without providing a quote at all due to the complexity. At the initial consult, Dan at building doctors had the perspective and vision about how we could accomplish what we wanted in a way that we needed. Additionally, he has a gift for explaining technical building codes and efficiency factors in a way that was fully comprehensible and empowered us to make informed decisions. This provider's ability to provide a "one-stop shop" that was able to coordinate asbestos removal, completion of some required renovation for this project, as well installation of a high efficiency AC system (operational just as the weather turned especially HOT) was nothing short of excellent.
We elected to stay in the home during the work (never a fun thing to do). However, The Building Doctors were very careful to consistently clean the work site on a nightly basis, making this much more bearable for us. They were always very responsive to any requests, patient in making sure they understood and addressed any concerns we had and assisted us with all paperwork  associated with energy upgrade rebate programs for which we might be eligible. We were also very happy with the high quality of the work done. While home improvements of this scope often leave we home owners somewhat anxious about incurring such a high expense, we were very satisfied with the final product (which included some finish work) and believe that the project cost would have been considerably higher had we gone a more 'piece meal' route.  We were randomly selected by the utility company to verify the scope of work performed by this provider. Even the 3rd party contractor hired by the utility company was impressed with the quality of the work, noting the high quality 'hospital grade' duct work utilized.  
In short, this is an extremely professional, competent and responsive provider whom I would not hesitate to recommend.